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Guardianships For Children With Special Needs

In Maryland, a child legally becomes an adult at age 18, regardless of his or her mental capacity. This means that if you have a child with special needs who cannot care for himself or herself, and you intend to continue to provide that care, you must petition the court to be named the guardian of your child.

I am Ryan Atwell, an Easton family law lawyer who counsels and assists clients throughout the neighboring cities of Maryland. Over the past decade of practice, I have frequently been asked to speak on this topic to citizens’ groups and family groups. In addition, my youngest son is severely autistic, so I understand from personal experience the kinds of emotional and legal challenges parents encounter. I can guide you through the process with competence and compassion.

Guardianships For Aging Parents

Many times, individuals who have elderly parents will need to be appointed guardian of the parent’s person or guardian of his or her property. A power of attorney document can also allow you to make decisions and access financial accounts on your parent’s behalf. However, if your parent does not have the mental capacity to grant a power of attorney, your only alternative is to go to court and be appointed as the guardian in order to protect his or her interests and safety.

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