Protecting Your Rights.
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You Can Fight DUI Charges

In Maryland, you can be charged with either driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), depending on the amount of alcohol in your system. DWI is the lesser charge, and a conviction can result in 60 days in jail and/or $500 in fines.

DUI is an even more serious charge. For a first offense, the penalty can be up to a year in jail and $1,000 in fines. Second and third offenses increase the penalties significantly.

At Atwell Law, LLC, I defend individuals in Easton and throughout the surrounding cities of Maryland who have been charged with drunk driving. With more than a decade of legal experience, I know how to take prompt and efficient legal action to protect your rights and help mitigate the consequences.

Protecting Your Ability To Drive

If you are convicted of DWI, it will automatically add eight points to your driving record, while a DUI conviction adds 12 points. It only takes eight points within any two-year period to result in a 30-day driver’s license suspension, and 12 points can result in a license revocation.

Whether you were charged with DWI or DUI, you must take prompt action. As your Easton DUI/DWI defense lawyer, I will immediately request a hearing before the Motor Vehicle Administration. My mission is to protect your ability to drive in Maryland.

Don’t Give Up Without A Fight

Many people who are charged with drunk driving assume that there is nothing they can do to combat the charges. This is not true. Don’t walk into the courtroom and plead guilty until you’ve talked with a criminal law attorney.

I will investigate the situation and search for any instances where the police may have violated your constitutional rights or made other mistakes. Even if you are guilty, I can still help you negotiate for the best possible outcome. I can also explain the implications of taking or refusing a field sobriety test or breath test.

I have been zealously representing clients throughout the state of Maryland since 2000. I am a passionate advocate for my clients’ rights and dedicated to ensuring that they are treated to the best possible defense to their drunk driving charge.

I have successfully completed the DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, the exact same course and training that is recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the training of police officers throughout the state of Maryland. This training and knowledge are vital to your defense, and your attorney must know not only what the officer did during your stop, but what they were SUPPOSED to do as well. This training allows me to identify the many mistakes that police officers routinely make and to use those mistakes to your advantage in court.

In addition to membership in the prestigious National College for DUI Defense, I have been named to the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys, the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the state of Maryland and am a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys’ Association.

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