Protecting Your Rights.
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Fighting For Your Parental Rights And Financial Interests

I am attorney Ryan Atwell, and my mission is to champion your rights and uphold your interests during divorce. This means that I will vigorously advocate for your fair share of marital assets, I will work to maximize the amount of time you get with your children, and I will stand by your side until the end.

As an Easton family law lawyer with more than a decade of experience, I have represented numerous husbands and wives as both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving marital dissolution or separation throughout the Eastern Shore and across Maryland.

I can help you determine how to divide and dispose of your property, how to pursue child custody and visitation, and how to   obtain child support or spousal support payments when applicable.

Separation Agreements That Lead To Amicable Outcomes

In some cases, divorcing spouses want to end their relationship amicably and without going to trial. I can work with clients to forge legal solutions that minimize undesirable court involvement, reduce financial expense and keep the stress level as low as possible. One tool that I can use is a separation agreement.

A separation agreement is a legal tool that can help you obtain an uncontested divorce in the near future — in short, a divorce that does not require a judge’s intervention on highly personal matters. The agreement allows the two spouses to officially go their own ways while showing that they can consent to the same terms without fighting. Separation agreements are not applicable to all situations, so talk with me about whether your situation may qualify.

An Ally On Your Side

Whether you are embroiled in a highly contested child custody dispute or you simply have questions about the division of assets in divorce, it pays to have a strong and knowledgeable legal ally.

Call Atwell Law, LLC, at 410-443-0403 or contact my Maryland office online to arrange a consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available.