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Multi-Vehicle Accident Claims Can Cause Confusion

Accidents involving multiple vehicles are not uncommon at all. Many people find themselves at stoplights when they are rear-ended by the car behind them. In turn, they crash into the car in front. Dealing with multiple injuries and a number of different insurance companies calls for experienced legal representation.

At Atwell Law, LLC, in Maryland, I provide such representation to individuals in Easton and beyond who have been injured in an accident at a stoplight or other multi-vehicle crashes. As an attorney with a concentration on personal injury matters, I can assist you in taking appropriate legal action — regardless of whether the results of the car wreck are catastrophic or seem less serious.

It’s Just A Fender Bender, So Why Retain A Lawyer?

You may wonder why you need an attorney if the vehicles were simply dented and you only have minor injuries. There are several reasons. One is that injuries that seem minor now may actually turn out to be more serious than you expect. I can help you seek full compensation for your current and future injury-related expenses.

Another reason to contact an attorney is to help protect yourself from liability. Even if you were rear-ended, and it wasn’t your fault that you hit the next car in line, the driver in front still has the option of suing you. In fact, I have seen situations where the front car brought lawsuits against both parties behind.

Steps To Take After Any Accident

After any accident, it is important to seek prompt medical attention. Next, call a personal injury lawyer. Never speak to the other party’s insurance company until you obtain professional legal advice. The insurance adjuster will attempt to get a recorded statement and trap you into a certain sequence of events that may not be beneficial to your case.

Call my office at 410-443-0403 or contact me online to arrange a free consultation about your accident. As an Easton multi-vehicle accident attorney, I only charge contingency fees in personal injury matters, so you have nothing to lose.