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Meeting Your Child’s Financial Needs

At Atwell Law, LLC, in Maryland, I represent both mothers and fathers in cases involving the establishment and enforcement of child support orders. In Maryland, the family law courts rely on child support guidelines to calculate how much one parent should pay. I am very familiar with these guidelines and can help you understand what to expect.

As your Easton child support attorney, I can also answer all your family law questions such as:

  • How do custody and visitation agreements affect child support obligations?
  • How do recent statutory changes to the Maryland child support guidelines affect my current child support obligation?
  • Can a lawyer help me enforce a court order if the other parent is refusing to pay?
  • If my child has special needs, will I be required to pay support indefinitely or only up to age 18?
  • I’m not making as much money as I used to, so can I modify my child support obligations?
  • Can I require the other parent to help pay for college expenses for our teenage child?

Modifying A Child Support Order

Circumstances change. A child support order that was appropriate a few years ago may be hopelessly outdated today. If the noncustodial parent loses his or her job, for instance, he or she may need to seek a reduction in the amount of support owed. If the noncustodial parent gains a higher-paying position, the other parent may be able to request higher support payments. If the custodial parent relocates out of the area, child support payments may be modified to reflect the new parenting time schedule.

Find Answers To Your Child Support Questions

Maryland child support guidelines can be confusing, especially during changing circumstances. I am ready to help you find answers. To learn more, contact Atwell Law, LLC, at 410-443-0403 or email my Easton office.