Protecting Your Rights.
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A Strategic Defense Is A Successful Defense

You have been accused. Your instinct is to fight back. That makes sense, considering how much is at stake. Your future may be on the line. However, you must not simply charge into battle. Care must be taken before moving forward. A strategy must be developed.

You need an attorney on your side who can review your case thoroughly, learn about your side of the story, examine the evidence against you and build a criminal defense strategy that makes sense based on the circumstances. At Atwell Law, LLC, I handle every case personally. That means I can devote the necessary time to each one, reviewing it carefully before using my 15-plus years of experience to build the right strategy.

Defending Against A Wide Range Of Criminal Charges

At Atwell Law, LLC, I provide vigorous criminal defense representation in a broad array of cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. From my office in Easton, I uphold the rights of those facing criminal charges throughout the Eastern Shore.

Within criminal law, my practice areas include:

  • DWI/DUII defend individuals accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) in Maryland.
  • Traffic violations — I can assist you in defending against speeding tickets, moving violations and other traffic offenses.
  • MVA hearings — I represent clients at hearings before the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) and advocate for them to keep their driver’s licenses.
  • Drug possessionWhether you have been charged with marijuana possession or illegal possession of any other controlled dangerous substance, I will work hard to mitigate the penalties you face.
  • Theft crimesAs an Easton criminal defense attorney, I represent clients charged with everything from burglary or robbery to shoplifting and other types of theft.
  • Violent crimesI have experience representing clients charged with everything from attempted murder to assault and domestic violence.
  • Juvenile defense — If your son or daughter has been arrested, I can take prompt action on his or her behalf.

Do Not Wait To Consult With An Experienced Lawyer

If you have been arrested or charged with any felony or misdemeanor, it is critical to take prompt action to protect your rights. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your legal options. Call 410-443-0403 or send me an email today.