Protecting Your Rights.
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Representing Individuals Against Insurers

As a personal injury lawyer, I have dealt with car accidents of all kinds. I can provide the guidance you need to avoid further trouble and to get the most out of accident injury claims with your insurer. Contact my Easton law firm at 410-443-0403 for the help of an experienced attorney in pursuing an accident insurance claim.

At Atwell Law, LLC, I offer my clients a practical understanding of numerous dimensions of car wrecks, including all the related aspects of insurance. I use my knowledge to make sure you are treated properly by the insurance companies so you can focus on recovery. To that end I do the following:

  • I send out letters to doctors and order medical records for use in insurance claims and personal injury matters.
  • I negotiate with insurance companies regarding property and repair issues.
  • I work with health insurance carriers to help my clients get their medical care and treatment covered.

Get Help With PIP Insurance Challenges

When it comes to dealing with accident injuries, an important aspect of car insurance is personal injury protection (PIP), also known as no-fault coverage. PIP is meant to help insured people cover immediate expenses that they incur because of an accident.

In Maryland, a driver is only required to have $2,500 in PIP coverage. In my experience, most people have far less PIP coverage than they should, which leaves them financially vulnerable when they suffer an injury. As your attorney, I will help you deal with whatever challenges you are facing with regard to PIP.

Don’t Let An Insurance Company Take Advantage Of You

I help my clients avoid pitfalls in everything I do. A common mistake clients make is to accept the first settlement offered by an insurance company. As an experienced car accident attorney, I know when to settle, when to negotiate aggressively and when to go to court.

If you were hit by another motorist, that driver’s insurance company may try to get a recorded statement from you that it can use to try to show that you were not hurt in the accident. I advise drivers not to give that recorded statement without seeking legal advice; you may have injuries that you are unaware of.

Call Me Before You Talk To The Insurance Company

Contact my law firm at 410-443-0403 for a free consultation with an Easton car accident settlement attorney. I know how insurance companies think and work, and I can answer your claims questions and help you understand your options clearly.