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Can you expect compensation for a soft tissue injury?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Even a low speed, low impact collision that does little damage to your car can result in an injury to you. 

Soft tissue injuries are common in minor vehicle crashes, but can you recover compensation for the whiplash you suffered? 

About soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries are those involved with tendons, ligaments and muscles. In a minor car crash, the areas most affected are the neck and back. For example, whiplash occurs when the violent jolt of a collision causes your head to snap forward and backward. You may feel nothing more than stiffness at the time of the accident, but the pain may increase in the hours to come. 

Insurance challenges

As the injured victim of a vehicle crash, even a minor collision, you have a right to file a claim for insurance compensation. Because this is a soft tissue matter, the insurer may allege that you are exaggerating your injury or deny your claim outright. However, you can rely on an advocate experienced with insurance defense to negotiate on your behalf while you focus on recovery. 

A look ahead

If you sustain a soft tissue injury such as whiplash following a minor collision, do not take it lightly. This kind of injury can cause discomfort for years and, depending on your age, could result in permanent disability. Your well-being is important and so is the report your doctor will write, tying your soft tissue injury directly to the collision. You deserve a full and fair settlement to cover your medical expenses and more and the medical report will provide important information to back up your claim for compensation.