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Your children and pets can help you fight driving distractions

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are a lot of activities you can personally choose to participate in that can distract you while your drive. Many drivers text, eat or even groom themselves during their commute. And those with children, pets or other regular passengers tend to focus a lot of attention on looking out for everyone in their vehicle.

Since you aren’t always alone during your drives, combatting driving distractions doesn’t have to be something you do alone either. Instead of just keeping track of yourself, you can set up a plan to make sure your family and human and furry friends are on their best behavior too.

Plan activities for everyone

Driving with child of any age can come with a variety of distractions. Babies might be fussy at times when you can’t easily pull over to try to stop them from crying. Older children can become restless during car rides too. Instead of waiting for one of your kids to interrupt you, you can pack toys and books. You can also think of a car game to help your kids or even adult occupants keep busy. These games can involve singing, history or listing things you see out your window. Feel free to be creative, but if the game becomes distracting for any reason, then be sure to cut it off.

Rethink rides with your dog

Sometimes well-behaved dogs can randomly decide to jump in your lap during a drive. Instead of not taking any measures to prevent your dog from leaping from seat to seat, you can consider a few different restraint methods. Depending on the size of your pet, a small travel pod or large crate can help keep you and your dog safe during your drive. There are also harnesses designed for dogs of many sizes and dividers you can install to prevent commotion near the front of the vehicle.

Maintaining a group effort to keep a calm attitude during short drives and long road trips alike can help you keep distractions within your car to a minimum and increase safety.